107ZR BUSH PANT - 20oz

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ONI - Bush Pant 20oz Secret Denim

ONI hails as the demon of denim, with its ultra low tension that gives it that rough and slubby look that we have all grown to love.  Mr Oishi gave us a gift by allowing FERA to represent ONI in our shop. So without further ado we bring you the 20oz Secret Denim with the warp being roped dyed for those beautiful natural fades and the weft being dyed beige for that all natural cotton look.  Looking closely at this fabric you will notice so many different hues of indigofera from each warp and weft.  This particular fabric gives off a Green Cast which will fade to more of a natural light blue with a green hue.  The Secret of this denim is the hand feel, you truly can only appreciate this fabric when you get your hands on it, the look is definitely incomparable but the texture and the tension are held SECRET to this heavy slubby denim.

Bush pants came about in the 1960-70s and were worn by hunters.  The pockets were placed on the instead instead of the side so they would not get the branches and stems caught while walking through the bush, the flap kept the contents from escaping.  

  • 20oz Oni Secret Denim (One Washed)
  • Selvedge: White × Light Pink
  • Oni Denim Original Donut Button
  • Patch: Sheep Leather
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Japan

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