JACKMAN - Dotsume Sweat Owners Polo

You have to get your hands on this piece to even understand it.  The fabric pile is super heavy and dense.  

 Jackman combines the fabled factory brand's tightest-knit fabric with a timeless style. Made from a super high-density 100% cotton fleece that Jackman has named 'Dotsume', this versatile popover shirt has some good heft to it, perfect for wearing as a standalone piece on warmer days or for tucking under a jacket in lieu of a sweater when it cools down. The fabric itself has a slightly rough exterior but is pleasantly soft on the inside, with knit ribbing around the hem and cuffs. All Jackman pieces are made entirely in Japan at the legendary Tanabe Meriyasu factory.

  • 100% Cotton - Made in Japan

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