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ONI 246-DIZR - 20oz Secret Denim Neat Straight

ONI hails as the demon of denim, with its ultra low tension that gives it that rough and slubby look that we have all grown to love.  Mr Oishi gave us a gift by allowing FERA to represent ONI in our shop. So without further ado we bring you the 20oz Secret Denim with a deep indigo rope dye.  This denim does not have the green cast like our other offerings but it has a deep indigo that has been roped dyed so you can gain those beautiful contrasting fades. The slubby tecture still exist through out but you will notice that it has a classic deep indigo look.

The Neat Straight has a mid rise with a sleeker look through the thigh all the way down to the ankle.  

  • 20oz Secret Denim
  • Selvedge Denim
  • Once Washed
  • Indigo
  • Made in Japan 

1 piece in stock.

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