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JACKMAN - Wool Watch Shirt

From "Jackman", the "Wool Watch Shirt" from the Fall/Winter 2021 series has arrived.

The Wool Watch Shirt is made from a combination of exquisite Shetland wool, which has outstanding warmness retention, and high-strength polyester, and finished with a jersey knit.

Wool from the Shetland Islands in Scotland is wool from sheep that is raised in a harsh environment with severe wintry weather cold and excessive humidity, and is characterized by thick and soft hair due to a different breeding surroundings such as taking seaweed as a side dish.
This watch shirt is designed with the photo of a Seventies overshirt worn by way of players on the bench.
The free graph makes it handy to put on and take off, and the rubber spindle at the hem permits you to arrange your silhouette.

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