The F E R A Sweatshirt

We really wanted something different and we worked with a local tattoo artist on this piece.  Chris from Good Things here in Columbus, Ohio has become a friend and supporter of the shop and we avidly follow his work.  We respect his style and it is honestly down right fun.  He has a knack for cartoon characters and he simply can make it enjoyable as he did with our IndigoFERA style plant.  Thats exactly what it is an indigofera plant and he put a cool touch on it with the jean style pot and a naturally faded  indigofera dye.   

  • Direct to Garment printed so we did not lose any coloring or detail.
  • Printed on the JUNGMAVEN Tahoe Sweatshirt.  
  • Made from Hemp + Cotton
  • Made in the USA

*Male is wearing a size Large

*Female is wearing a size Small

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