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TANUKI - Kuon Sweatshirt 

The Kuon Sweatshirt is soft and is easier to wear and like the jeans they become softer with time. The yarn is dyed with Natural Indigofera / pure indigo and is very durable and will age to the wearer.  The entire garment from begingning to end is made in Japan. 

The Tanuki brand was established in 2016 in Okayama Prefecture. It comprises a small group of great artisans who are passionate about denim and boast more than 30 years' experience in other brands in the industry. If there is something that characterizes Tanuki garments in addition to its modern cuts, it is the quality and variety of its fabrics, with prime importance given to the best cottons, natural indigo and the application of different types of tension on the shuttle looms when producing the fabrics.

  • Made in Kojima,Japan 
  • 100 % Cotton
  • Made from Indigofera / Pure Indigo

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