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JACKMAN - Watch Shirt

The inspiration for the design foundation comes from the overshirts donned by baseball players in the dugout, observing the game's progress while awaiting their turn to play, as well as those players who have completed their innings.

Crafted from Scottish Shetland wool, the material undergoes a unique treatment process involving a diet enriched with seaweed and other ingredients for the animals. This results in a thick and soft fur that provides protection against harsh cold and humidity. The threads are intricately knitted, avoiding excessive twisting, allowing warm air to be trapped within the fibers.

This collarless, short-sleeved garment is suitable for early-season wear and proves valuable during the chilly months of early spring. Featuring dot buttons on the front, the design is minimalist with added convenience in the form of pockets.

The silhouette can be modified by adjusting the hem strings to create a personalized look. Despite being a single-piece garment without a lining, the dense wool material makes it versatile enough for indoor wear, in the car, or as a layer beneath coats or down jackets. This makes it a versatile piece that can be effortlessly coordinated with a variety of outfits.

  • 70% Wool | 30% polyester