F E R A x Ransom Supply

Ryan and I started connecting when the store F E R A initially opened.  We both have worked in the industry for many years and were finally able to come together in a way that allowed us to be more creative and release our self expression.  Ryan started making mask through COVID-19 and we distributed them through the store when everything was closed to allow people to see the look of our new store.  

We continued doing this when retail stores were allowed to open and we were able to take the time to work out a collaboration with the bandanas that he was currently producing.  The bandanas were a step in the right direction because its a fashionable piece along with being able to pull it up over your face when you need to enter a store or a public establishment quickly, plus they looked dope tied around your neck.  So we took another step toward naturally dyeing them so we connected it back to the store name FERA, which derived from the word Indigofera.  Indigofera is the plant leaf that is broken down to give you the color True Indigo.  So while taking a piece that is fashionable and weareable as a mask you can breath through it without ingesting toxic chemicals. The natural indigo will age and fade in time but it will give you a unique piece that will be different with each bandana


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