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This particular fabric is custom developed by Livid and woven at the renowned Japanese fabric mill, Kurabo. A deep blue indigo dyed 13 Oz dry selvage denim with a super soft touch. This top of the line fabric is rope dyed, whereas the white core of the cotton yarn remains untouched during the dyeing process. With friction and wear as the layers and layers of indigo are torn off the surface off the fabric, the un-dyed core of the cotton yarn will appear, slowly leaving beautiful contrast fading to the surface. A definite essential for any denim enthusiast. 

  • 13 Oz indigo rope dye selvage denim
  • Woven by Kurabo, Japan
  • 100% Sanforized cotton
  • Developed by Livid, Woven by Kurabo
  • Tan waxed leather back patch made in Italy
  • 8 oz ecru canvas pocketing
  • YKK two-prongtack, silver button fly
  • YKK solid copper washer-burr rivets
  • Stitched with high quality poly core cotton thread