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Nudie Jeans - Lovis Jacket

Introducing NUDIE's Lovis work jacket—an epitome of simplistic design and functional elegance. Crafted for the modern worker, this regular-fit jacket features one inside chest pocket and two front pockets, meticulously secured with single stitches forming small triangles at the pocket openings. Not only do these stitches reinforce functionality, but they also enhance the jacket's aesthetic appeal. The main seams are impeccably sewn with felled twin-needle seams, ensuring a clean and workwear-oriented construction. Lovis embodies NUDIE's dedication to simplistic workwear jackets, condensed into one, simple and beautiful, piece.

This Lovis jacket is crafted from exquisite herringbone twill fabric, renowned for its tightly woven construction, providing a slightly crisp texture, dry feel, and smooth appearance. The vintage-inspired pattern of the fabric pays homage to classic herringbone twills, piece-dyed in a perfect French blue shade to ensure longevity and desirable aging properties. Through a gentle wash, the fabric's characteristics and garment construction are subtly accentuated, adding depth and character to the jacket.

If you want to know what herringbone is here ya go! Herringbone twill is a variation of the regular twill weaving pattern, characterized by broken diagonal lines forming a noticeable zig-zag pattern resembling the bone structure of a herring. Commonly found in vintage workwear jackets and military fatigues, herringbone twill offers enhanced tear resistance and reduced tendency to skew compared to regular twill, making it a popular choice for rugged garments. Now you're well-versed in the intricacies of herringbone twill, thanks to NUDIE's insights.

  • Organic cotton
  • Rigid herringbone twill
  • Matching thread at seams
  • Black Corozo buttons
  • Regular fit
  • 100% Cotton

LOVIS HERRINGBONE - BLUE Sale price$220.00 Regular price$245.00